How to Choose the Correct Stair Lift in Cheltenham

There will come a time where most people will need to consider the idea of getting a stair lift to help them up and down their stairs or, moving home to a property without stairs. You probably don’t want to move so, if you live in or around Cheltenham, here are a few things to help you, if you ever need to purchase or rent a stair lift.

  1. Fitting and placement

You should consider where and how your stair lift will go, if you have straight stairs that will make your life a lot easier, if you have curved stairs then you will need a machine and rail designed for the purpose and, the cost may be higher. If you have narrow stairs then you may have restraints with certain lifts, the best thing to do would be to call a local specialist

  1. Get advice from experts

This is one of those topics whereby going online, looking at advice and more so ‘opinions’ of others isn’t a good thing to do. You should look for stairlift companies in Cheltenham, local specialists that pride themselves in making sure everything is just right and, if you have any aftersales concerns, they will be there for you at the drop of a hat.

  1. Consider your needs

It is very important, that you are completely open and honest with your care company about any mobility restrictions you may have and the severity of them, you will then receive the most suitable machine.