How Much Does Renting An Office Space Option Cost?

Well, this is not a simple matter to resolve. Each region of the country, each city area, and each space structure has its price variables, advantages, and disadvantages.

You can work in a coworking space with a higher monthly fee but only a few blocks from your home, so transportation and time are saved. Or you can rent your own space with a real estate that offers low cost but requires initial renovation and is located far from your home or your clients.

So, we did our best to give you a general idea of ​​average costs, but that in no way intends to be considered a reference table. In addition to the cost table above, you should pay attention to a few points:

Cost To Set Up A Home Office

Here the main tip is to consider that you will be at home much longer than before. All costs, without exception, tend to go up without you noticing. Of course, you can clean your house yourself, and you don’t have to start with designer furniture or 100 MB internet, but keep in mind that the more comfortable you are, the better you’ll do the job. That’s why we consider at least the use of air conditioning daily and the acquisition of an excellent double chair + work table.

Rent A Shared Office Or Coworking

In this case, we consider the so-called full-time plans, in which you have unlimited access to space. Although there is likely a space close to your home, we also consider that you need to take at least public transport to reach the space. We use the average value for one person, but most spaces offer discounts as more people from the same company join.

Investing In A Business Center Or Virtual Office

Let’s not consider the virtual modality because, well, it’s virtual. In other words, you can’t frequent the space; have a representation. Most companies of this modality are located on essential avenues in large commercial centers, which increases the monthly fee cost. Also consider, if you use your car, that you need a parking space. In some regions, with this amount it is possible to rent a room for two people. It might be interesting to share the costs.

Rent Cost With Own Office

This is the most difficult to estimate as it can scale a lot depending on the variables. We consider a small office of 50 m² in a good region, but of the avenues. It can be an ideal space for a small team of up to 4 people, but consider that you will not have a reserved space to receive your customers. Also, remember the indirect costs involved. These can be termination fines, cost of renovation (both in and out), surety bond, etc.