How Virtual Tours Change the Game for Estate Agents

The best estate agents, and marketing agencies for estate agents, understand how best to utilise technology to maximise the potential of properties when attempting to sell them on the market. We all know about open houses and private house viewings, where an estate agent will provide a tour of a property to prospective buyers so that they can get a feel for the property and visualise what it might look like should they choose to buy it. In these busy times, and as we have spent a few months in a state of lockdown where there is even more limits to the chance of physically visiting properties, technology has stepped in and dramatically changed the landscape for estate agents. The virtual tour of a property can make a massive difference to your chances of selling a property.

The first thing that is evident with a virtual tour is that it is an incredibly engaging way for a prospective buyer to view a property they like the look of without leaving their current home. Browsing listings can quickly become dull and repetitive, but a virtual tour allows the person to view many different aspects of a property and have much more information at their fingertips before deciding whether or not to go look at the property in person for a second look.

This approach means that an estate agent can save a lot of time, money and stress. A virtual tour through an estate agent is always meant as a first viewing for a person, making sure that when a person comes for a second viewing, they have already seen the property virtually and have a genuine interest in potentially taking things further. This eliminates many first-time property viewings that are a waste of time in the grand scheme of things, as a potential buyer has only been able to see so much in the photos on the sale listing.

A virtual tour is a massive benefit for the potential buyer too. It means that they are able to view the property at a time that suits them, rather than having to take time away from work for example. It is also an amazing benefit to those with disabilities and mobility issues, widening the scope of potential buyers too, everyone is a winner in this regard.

As you can see, virtual tours for estate agents could change the game in showcasing properties for sale, and in getting more views from prospective buyers through the virtual door than might be possible through the physical door. As technology improves rapidly, there are many ways in which we can utilise it to improve standards across the board. For estate agents it can help to make the selling process much easier, make viewings simple and accurate without the need of taking up people’s time with travel and awkward viewing hours, and in the process drive up the potential price, pleasing sellers. With the assistance of an estate agent marketing team, a virtual tour of a property can be built and implemented to suit your clients.