What do I need to know about decorating a rental property as a landlord?

If you are new to the landlord game, you might be wondering what you should do in terms of decorating your property. There are no hard and fast rules with this, as some landlords like to keep things nice and simple and rent out clean properties that are decorated in neutral colours. Other landlords allow some flexibility for tenants to decorate how they wish (within reason) and others leave things as they are. Here, we look at what your options are when it comes to decorating a rental property as a landlord, and what your tenants will expect from you.

We all know what to look for in reality, or at least, what makes for a bad property rental. When you see a property listing that has very few photographs or has badly lit, untidy and dark rooms on show, you know to avoid then. For every landlord of a rental property, you need to portray the most positive light possible of your property in order to attract tenants that will look after the property for the long haul. A good rental opportunity is hard to turn down, and you can make your property enticing and attractive to prospective tenants with a simple decorating solution.

Before you put a property on the market for rental, check out every single room and see if there are any problems that must be quickly addressed. This is important in rooms where there will be more chance of moisture, such as the kitchen and the bathroom. Wipe away any problems here before decorating or use a protective mould resistant paint if necessary.

In every other room it is important to think about how these spaces will be used by tenants over the years. Simple, neutral tones that are washable surfaces are the most appealing, as these can be washed or scrubbed clean in the event of marks and scrapes from moving furniture and natural wear and tear over the years. As a basic rule, always choose neutral colours that leave a spacious feel to any room. Harsh colours can be off-putting to some potential tenants and leave a space looking smaller than it actually is.

For those of you looking to get your properties on the rental market, there are a few things that you can do, especially if a property has been vacant for a period of time. You should always conduct a deep clean in between tenants, and if it requires it, spruce up the property with a decoration and think about your desired tenants and what it is they would want to see. Fresh, clean, airy properties are those that tend to be let out first and those that can expect to see the best returns in terms of rental yield. Once you have settled on a clean and well-decorated property, the next step is to ensure it is seen by as many people as possible. This is where estate agent marketing companies can help portray properties in the best possible light, through professional property photographs, floor plans and virtual property tours.