Everything You Need To Know About Racks

Rack is a design piece that can easily be the protagonist of a living room or TV room. Okay, it’s a multifunctional item. However, this does not prevent it from being used in interior proposals for the simple purpose of aesthetics.

There are many variations in the style of this furniture and, therefore, it will always be possible to find a model that goes very well with what you dream for the house.

After all, what are the possible uses of a rack?

The rack can support the Home Theatre system, supporting and storing various electronic devices – such as TV, CD, and DVD. But it can also be a base for displaying decorative items, such as sculptures, books, and picture frames.

For so many uses, it has been gaining more and more relevance in interior proposals – being isolated or using panel racks, shelves and niches. You cannot confuse a rack with a sideboard – which has a higher height. However, many racks can be used in this way at the house’s entrance, in hallways, and in dining rooms. They can even replace cabinets, exposing objects that you want to show in a room. Ideas abound! It will all depend on your creativity.

How To Know How To Identify The Ideal Rack For Home?

Racks carry beautiful styles. Therefore, they can be highlighted in decorations – which is not a rule. The ideal mobile rack will contribute, in every way, to enrich an environment – both for its aesthetics and its functionality. And the chosen model can still interfere with the energy flow in the organization and harmonization of the home.

To choose the ideal rack right, it is first necessary to study the layout of the environment. No circulation can be compromised by inserting this piece into space. It is also necessary to measure the free area available for the furniture. This element should be proportional to the location chosen for it, to the TVE screen, finally, and to the wall, it will be on.

Between the rack and the other elements in the room, an accessible distance of about 70 cm must be left. Very large rooms can receive a rack with larger dimensions. But if you still get the impression that the back wall still looks a little empty, “something more” may be needed.

It may be the case to install a mural, TV support panel, niches, shelves, rack like those in Schaumburg Specialties for instance or other elements in the background. Just beware of visual pollution.

What Rack Are Models Available On The Market?

There are numerous rack models available in modern, classic, retro, and other styles. You must choose a type that matches the decor that was proposed for your home.

The mobile rack can come with a panel – ideal for camouflaging the wires of all electronic devices. Only have open niches or closed doors and drawers – making the environment look cleaner and more organized and leaving objects stored inside better protected from dust. And also have color and finish matching or contrasting with other furniture around.

Straight-line racks, discreet details, and neutral colors are right next to almost anything. And this is perfect, as this type of furniture shouldn’t be the center of attention in the rooms – but rather the TV, the fireplace, the sofa or something else. Despite this statement, racks in bright colors such as yellow and red are quite an in fashion these days.

If you want to create a room with a more traditional and rustic look, you can invest in a solid wood rack. It is a durable and timeless model that would be able to make the environment cozier.

For a chicer setting, it’s worth using mirrored racks or glass plates. And for modern decorations, lacquered wood, plastic, and metal racks are good options. Metal racks can be explored in proposals with an industrial style, in a more urban and contemporary “footprint.” This is a good choice for living rooms and bedrooms, besides being very easy to paint and customize.